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Oklahoma Lawyers for Children serves foster youth with excellent pro bono legal representation. Outside the courtroom, OLFC supports our youth clients with educational guidance.


Our educational guardian ad litem (Ed GAL) program connects adults with an education background to children ages four to eighteen who are currently in foster care. After training and an appointment from the juvenile court system, Ed GALs help children find their way back to a stable footing in school. Rather than focusing on a one-size-fits-all education plan, our Ed GALs work with different individuals and organizations to represent the child's best educational interest to the court system. While Ed GALs are not tutors, they do help children achieve success in school so they can complete their education with academic and social competencies.


Time commitment: We expect Ed GALs to meet with their court-appointed children for at least one-hour per month. Overall time commitment varies depending on the child's needs and the availability of scholastic services in the child's school district. Educational Guardian ad Litems must undergo a background check.


If you would like to serve as an educational guardian ad litem or have any questions, please contact Scott Kaufman, Educational Guardian Ad Litem Director, at or (405) 232-4453 ext. 108.




What is an educational guardian ad litem?


An educational guardian ad litem (Ed GAL) is a trained volunteer sworn in by a judge to represent the educational best interests of the children to whom they are appointed in the juvenile court system. To help children regain the educational stability, the Ed GAL will investigate the child's educational circumstances, provide fact-based information, and recommend a course of action to the court. Many Ed GALs also find they become a source of support for the children they serve as the children experience overwhelming changes in their home and school life.

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